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BABE RUTH, New York Yankees, GAME USED BAT Piece PHOTOMINT Display

by shoeboxgold
Published: November 3, 2019 (2 years ago)
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BABE RUTH, New York Yankees, GAME USED BAT Piece PHOTOMINT Display

The Sultan of Swat, George Herman Ruth used this bat as a New York Yankee in the twilight of his career. This unique collector’s item includes: Matted and Framed: custom laser cut eggshell and white matting with glass panel and wood frame. Measures approximately 12 x 15. Game Used Bat Piece: The Game Used Bat dates back to 1921-1931. It is an H & B 125 Pro Model. The hickory signature model exhibits excellent use including a crack in the handle and cracks on the barrel label. It is 35 inches long and weighs 42 ounces. The piece of the bat is sliced to about the thickness of a United States quarter. Most pieces will be the shape of a baseball field while other will be completely round. 24kt Gold Medallion: A 24kt gold plated Highland Mint Collection Medallion. Measures 1.5 in diameter 2 Certificates of Authenticity: One is numbered and matted on the front between the coin and the bat. The back of the Photomint will have a color photo of the bat before it was cut into sections. It will also list where the bat was purchased as well as a gold Highland Mint Seal authenticating the product. 8 x 10 Photo: The Babe: This photo depicts a brash Babe holding three bats in the on deck circle. Limited Edition: 315 made.

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