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CURTIS JOSEPH, GAME USED STICK PHOTOMINT & 24 Kt Gold Overlay Medallion… ONLY 131 produced!

by shoeboxgold
Published: February 11, 2020 (9 months ago)
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CURTIS JOSEPH, GAME USED STICK PHOTOMINT & 24 Kt Gold Overlay Medallion… ONLY 131 produced! Here is Curtis Joseph depicted in his TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS uniform. NOW, he has joined the DETROIT RED WINGS. This could be your last opportunity to get one of these prized collectibles. Read On! This unique collector’s item includes: Matted and Framed: custom laser cut blue and white matting with glass panel and wood frame. Measures approximately 14 x 16. Game Used Cujo Goalie Stick: The Highland Mint acquired the stick on November 12, 2000. It is a 1999-2001 Bauer Reactor Super Pro R6000. It is guaranteed authentic, game-used stick, and comes with a certificate of authenticity glued to the back of the display. 24kt Gold Medallion: A 24kt gold plated Highland Mint Toronto Maple Leafs Medallion. Measures 1.5 in diameter. 2 Certificates of Authenticity: One is numbered and matted on the front between the coin and the bat. The back of the Photomint will have a color photo of the goalie stick before it was cut into sections. It will also list where the stick was purchased as well as a gold Highland Mint Seal authenticating the product. 8 x 10 Photo: Cujo: This photo depicts an intense Curtis Joseph readying for a big game-winning save (Note: Actual photo differs from that shown; however, the display is identical). Limited Edition: ONLY 131 ever made for worldwide distribution!

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