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Hamilton Tiger-Cat Limited Edition Originally Autographed Print

by Sports Guy
Published: December 3, 2019 (2 years ago)
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The Ultimate gift for Tiger-Cat fans. Renowned Canadian sports artist Gary McLaughlin created this original painting depicting 75 of the greatest players to ever wear a Hamilton uniform. Included are all Hall of Fame and Wall of Honour inductees as well as members of the Walk of Fame and Fans All-time team.

In recognition of the 145th season of Hamilton football and the launch of a new stadium, 145 limited edition numbered prints created to commemorate this event.

Each print was then originally autographed by over 25 Alumni of this select group. Come with Letter of Authenticity.

Original Autographs by:
Willie Bethea
Dave Hack
Angelo Mosca
John Bonk
Marwan Hage
Pete Neumann
Less Browne
Garney Henley
Jason Riley
Tommy Joe Coffey
Zeno Karcz
Bernie Ruoff
Bernie Custis
Ellison Kelly
Dale Sanderson
Rocky DiPietro
Lee Knight
Don Sutherin
Matt Dunigan
Bob Krouse
Henry Waszczuk
Tony Gabriel
Danny McManus
Wally Zatylny
Joe Zuger
Andrew Grigg

Each print comes with a legend identifying all players on the print.

Print measures 28″ x 33″

Framed prints measuring 31.5″ x 40.5″ are available for $450

Un-autographed 16″ x 24′ posters also available for $25.

Prints can be picked up at my home or mailed

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