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Kawhi Leonard 22×34 Plaque The Shot Collage Raptors

by Frameworth
Published: October 1, 2019 (2 years ago)
North York, On
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Relive and highlight one of the most historic moments in Raptors history with this 22×34 plaque collage of what is it famously known as THE SHOT. The plaque displays a black and red colour scheme to reflect the Raptors team colours. On the right side on the plaque it vertically features a sequence of three photos outlining THE SHOT. The first image displays a side angle action shot of Leonard shooting the basketball, as his teammates, opponents and fans look on. The second is a wide shot of Leonard shooting, with the ball mid-way in the air. Surrounded by his teammates, opposing players and fan, the third image is of Leonard looking onward as the basketball hits the rim just before going in. In between the first and second image is Leonard’s name, while in between the second and third image is the Toronto raptors Slogan WE THE NORTH. On the left side of the plaque it vertically features a cartoon recreation of THE SHOT, outlining how the ball bounced on the rim before going into the n


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