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Vancouver Flying V

Pre-Numbered Jerseys available today!

Vancouver Flying V
Want them in Black just give us some time and we can organise it for you with custom numbers too!
by Big Stick Custom Jerseys
Published: December 11, 2019 (10 months ago)
Willing to accept trades?
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We have a number of pre-numbered sets ready to pick-up.  If you would like a crest/logo on them just let us know!  Looking for something custom, get in touch

In Toronto: 416-934-0978

[email protected]


BS1704 – Montreal Red
Material: Air Knit
Quantity: 15
Sizes: 11 XL, 4 XXL
Crests: None.
Numbers: 2 colour twill
With Socks: $785
Vancouver Classic – Gold / Red / Black
Material: Air knit.
Quantity: 16
Sizes: 2 L, 11 XL, 2 XXL, 1 Goalie
Crests: None needed, it’s just an awesome jersey as is.
Numbers: 2 colours, dyed. Sleeve numbers too.
Now in Stock!
BS1808 –  White / Grey / Black
Material: Air Knit
Quantity: 16
Sizes: 4 L, 11 XL,, 1 G (in Photo)
Crests: None
Numbers: Film
Order Extras? No
Gold/White Practice Jerseys
Material: Air Knit
Quantity: 16
Sizes: Email for confirmation
Crests: None
Numbers: Film
Order Extras? No
Calgary White Socks
Material: Traditional Poly Knit
Quantity: Many
Sizes:  Adult 32″
Price:  $8/pair

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