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Back To School

Always find back to school pics on Facebook kind of funny, people post pics of their kids every day in August, then back to school pictures is just adding a back pack. I wonder if Zeke Elliott shows up in Dallas with a back pack today, for all that money. Highest paid running back in NFL history, he has more rushing yards than anyone else since entering the league in 2016, last season he set a Cowboys running back record for catches in a season with 77, Hershel Walker had 76. The offence in Dallas revolves around Elliott, no doubt about it. Jerry Jones said a couple of weeks ago that the “pie” in Dallas was getting smaller, I guess they opened up a new bakery. Elliott played it well, skipped training camp and pre-season, and signed just before week one began. Very smart. He schooled the Cowboys.

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  1. Jason

    Yes, another example of power shifting to star players. But Jerry Jones is a shrewd investor and knows where to put his money, and not just in Football. A few years ago he bought into Comstock Resources ($1.5 billion to he exact)…its a natural gas producer and thus far he’s made 3 times his money. He’s betting big on natural gas while it’s at its lowest, like he did back when he bought the Cowboys. I’m certain his big bet on Elliot will also pay off in the years to come. (ticker symbol CRK)

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