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Buying and Selling Safely Online

Selling an item online can be intimidating, but following a few key steps can help keep you & your item safe.

Listing your Item:

Providing a detailed description along with photos is a great way to gather attention for your product. Typically listings with an image will sell much faster than a plain text item. When uploading a photo, be aware of any contact information or personal information that may be displayed in the photo.

Personal information should be kept out of your listing description as well. We advise against providing your address, phone number or email. A contact form is provided for each listing that will provide a means for potential buyers to contact you. Buyers will not see your email address unless you reply to them.

Replying to E-Mails

When a potential buyer is interested in purchasing your item, they can fill out the contact form located on your listing. The contact form will send you a private email that you can reply to.

When replying to a potential buyer email, be mindful of any information you may provide. Never provide any financial information, credit card information or personal information in your emails including your physical address.

Selling Items

When you have found a buyer for your item consider meeting in a public space, or see if your city / community offers online selling locations. For example, in Orangeville, Ontario, Police stations offer a safe place to exchange items for money.

Safe locations should always be a in a public place during the daytime.

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    Są one też sygnałem dla Google, że dana strona, do której prowadzą jest wartościowym źródłem informacji dla użytkownika.

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