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On Base Biggio

Two straight days I’m going to mention Moneyball. I think they should send me a copy of the video as a promo, I’ll take it on Beta, so my dad can watch it. In the movie and I’m sure in real life. The A’s scouting staff were sitting around with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Pitt (Billy Beane), “we’re going after Jeremy Giambi, Justice, Hatteburg”, “why?”. Jonah Hill (Peter Brand) “they get on base”. Cavan Biggio is hitting .213, his on base %, a Blue Jays best .350, he walks a lot. He gets on base. Last 14 games he’s walked 16 times, he’s scored 11 runs in those 14 games, while hitting .250 with a .459 OB%. Cavan Biggio, gets on base. You get on base, you score runs, you win games. Although this season is all over but the crying for the Blue Jays, the run scoring of the future is looking good. Moneyball 2.0? Well Shapiro was mentioned quite a bit in Moneyball the original.

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