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Netflix has a great documentary about a Miami based man (he wasn’t a doctor) that was supplying steroids to various MLB players. One of the players involved was Manny Ramirez, he failed a PED test, because he took testosterone on a game day, then was tested, failed. Reminds me a little of Andrew Harris of the BlueBombers who was suspended yesterday by the CFL for 2 games. Harris mentioned yesterday that he gets tested more than anyone else in the CFL, and he didn’t believe he was taking a banned substance. Do positive tests affect a players merchandise? Bonds, McGwire, Clemens aren’t in the Hall of Fame and you don’t see a lot of their merchandise for sale, anywhere. Time will tell if that changes. Of course our site has nothing against selling merchandise of these players, anybody have a Roger Clemens, Blue Jays jersey to sell?

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