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There are no fees to sign up and there are no hidden fees on the sale for items posted in the Classified section. You have the option of posting your ad on our Featured page for $4.99.

You post your item for sale, and potential buyers contact you through your email account.  Once a sale is agreed upon, it is up to the buyer/seller to decide on the method of delivery (eg. Shipping or in person delivery or pick up) and payment.  (eg. paypal, stripe, credit card, or cash.)

The Sports Marketplace auction feature is a great way to feature a special or unique item. You list your item on the auction page with the minimum price you will accept.  You determine the length of the auction, generally 24 - 48 hours.  The highest bid wins.  Like the classified sales, the buyer/seller decide on the shipping and payment terms.  If no one bids on your item, it’s still yours.

Selling An Item

  • You can list your item and when approved, it will be available for users to bid on the item.
  • Each item is manually reviewed by Sports Marketplace, this process is typically quick and allows us to ensure items are accurate.
  • After the expiry time (you can manually set this when listing the item), the user with the highest bid will win the item.
  • Once the auction is over, you and the buyer will be notified by email. Contact the buyer via email and arrange for payment & shipping.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange payment & shipping/pickup for the item with the buyer.

You can also see the ongoing bids, and contact information by visiting your auction item and clicking “bids” at the bottom of the page.

Buying an Item

  • You are required to have an account to bid on an item.
  • You can bid on an item by putting in an appropriate bid and selecting the blue bid now button.
  • If you bid is invalid, you are outbid or you win the auction, you will be contacted via email.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange payment & shipping/pickup for the item with the seller.

The Classified section also allows for ‘Wanted’ Ads, when you are looking for a particular item.  Post what you are looking for and allow sellers to contact you.

If you’re buying an item that isn’t for local pick up, there are ways to protect yourself against fraud.  PayPal, as an example, offers the buyer protection when making an online purchase. Every person that signs up on our site will also receive a public profile that you can view and comment on. You can see how the seller conducts their transactions with others and determine whether you, the buyer, wishes to move forward with the transaction or move onto a seller with better reviews.

Yes. If you only want to see items that are within a certain radius of your location you can set that up in your search criteria.  We recognize that a lot of people prefer to do porch pick-up.  Again, the terms and conditions are up to the buyer/seller.

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